How to Spy On Any Android Phone

Spy On Any Android Phone

Anyone can implant an Android spyware that provides complete access to everything the phone’s owner says on every call, every text message or email, and every place he or she goes. It may seem like a crazy story, but it’s true. Android spy software is available online and can provide total, constant monitoring of any Android phone on which it is installed.


You’ve probably heard about Android spyware, and wondered if it really works. Android spyware is a program that is marketed towards anyone who has a need to spy an Android cell phone. Once you purchase the Android Spyware, you can log into a website and see how the Android phone is being used. You can see the calls that the phone has made, the content of any text messages sent or received. In addition, you can find the location of the phone on Google Maps or another similar program. This program makes it possible for suspicious spouses to monitor their partner’s every single word, or for concerned parents to keep very close tabs on their kid’s activities and movements.


After download the Android spyware, you go through a few set up and configuration steps. Total installation time takes about 5 minutes. Immediately, the spy software will begin to record the phone’s call logs. You can read text messages and call logs, and you can see all the contacts stored on the phone. All data will be sent to your online account. Everything happens in the background so there is nothing else you need to do.

A complete list of all phone numbers dialed or which dialed into the Android phone is available to the buyer as is a copy of every SMS or text message and every email. What’s more, the phone’s microphone can be used to record live-time conversations even when the Android phone is not being used. The conversations will upload to the website and can be retrieved by interested parties for later listening.
GPS technology tracks the location of the device by satellite if the Android phone owner is in view of the sky. If not, the program tracks the Android phone by pinpointing the cell tower being used. The information is then accessed from any personal PC simply by navigating to the program’s website.

However, the reality is that Android spyware is available to anyone who wants to buy it. One thing to point out is that not all Android spyware is created equal. You’ll find some vendors that offer just a few basic features, while others offer everything mentioned above. My advice to you is to make sure you carefully read all the features before you buy.

**Update Feb, 2011**

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